a timepiece that never needs a battery change

How does Eco-Drive work?

Citizen Eco-Drive technology harnesses the power of light – from any natural or artificial light source – and converts it into energy, which is stored in a permanently rechargeable solar cell.

An Eco-Drive watches recharges itself in any kind of light, to run forever.


What is an Eco-Drive Solar Cell?

The Eco-Drive watches use a micron-thin disc of amorphous silicon that converts light energy into electrical energy, beneath the dial. This electrical energy is stored in a rechargeable battery.


What kind of battery is used in an Eco-Drive watch?

A titanium lithium ion battery. Unlike ordinary silver oxide batteries, the Eco-Drive battery does not need to be replaced because it continually recharges. With none of the caustic chemicals used in ordinary batteries, our Eco-Drive watch batteries are better for our environmental.


How long will the Eco-Drive battery last?

Our batteries will last for the lifetime of use. The factory engineers project that even after 20 years, each battery will still retain 80% of its ability to be recharged.


How do I recharge my watch in a safe manner?

Exposing your watch to ambient light on a daily basis is sufficient to keep it charged. If your watch displays the insufficient charge indicator, it can be safely charged by exposing it to a light source, with the dial (face) up. When charging your watch with an incandescent lamp, halogen lamp, or other light source make sure to place the watch at least 50cm away to prevent the watch from reaching a high temperature.

How will I know if my Eco-Drive watch is insufficiently charged?

Refer to your instruction manual for the insufficient charge warning that is applicable to your watch. In some models, the second hand will jump in 2-second intervals.


How long do I need to keep my watch under light to recharge it?

The amount of charging time required varies depending on model and light conditions. Estimates are detailed in your instruction book.


How long will my watch run after it is fully charged?

Your watch is designed to run continuously and will do so if it is regularly exposed to bright light. Your watch uses very little energy and that is easily replenished during normal use. If your watch is fully charged and not exposed to any light source, depending on the model, it will continue to run from 5 months to 7 years.



How do I quickly charge an Eco-Drive watch?

Your Eco-Drive watch will charge in one third of the time if you pull out the crown while charging under normal charging conditions.


How has Eco-Drive earned a reputation as being ecologically friendly?

Eco-Drive watches eliminate the need for replacing batteries, they incorporate a rechargeable battery that does not contain harmful metals and no toxic substances are used in the manufacturing process of Eco-Drive watches.

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