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The Journey of Precision: Unveiling CITIZEN's Mechanical Watches

September 09, 2023 4 min read

The Journey of Precision: Unveiling CITIZEN's Mechanical Watches


Mechanical watches hold an esteemed position in horology, serving as a testament to human ingenuity and the art of precision timekeeping. For centuries, these intricate watches have been the perfect example of how science and art can work together. Each gear, spring and lever works together in perfect harmony to keep track of the constant passing of time.

We carry on this excellence in craftsmanship even further. Renowned for our innovative technology and the pursuit of perfection, we have managed to bridge the gap between traditional horological principles and modern-day advancements.

Our reputation in the timepiece industry is a result of our dedication to excellence, precision and sophistication. Learn more about the extraordinary achievements of our mechanical watches and how they changed the face of horology.

Mastery of Craftsmanship:

Mechanical watches are amazing works of engineering and design. Every piece is a proof to the skill and care that went into making it, whether it’s visible to the wearer or hidden within the case.

No matter how small, each cog, spring and lever is an important part of the symphony of keeping time, and designing or putting them together takes not only knowledge but a profound passion for craftsmanship. The top-tier master artisans at CITIZEN, known as Meisters, oversee this painstaking process. The precision of the watch movement is checked at every stage of production, first by itself and then after being installed in the case, a process that can’t be duplicated by a machine.

While this shows that watchmaking involves more than simply putting together components, it also reflects our commitment to improving our procedures to create timepieces that are both more refined and precise than ever before.

Intricate Movements and Components:

Central to this watchmaking artistry are gears, escapements, and balance wheels. All mechanical timepieces rely on these three components, which work in tandem to provide accuracy and reliability. Together, they are the heart of any mechanical watch's movement, transforming stored energy into regular timekeeping.

Gears are efficient mechanisms that transform the energy from the mainspring into time and can power complex features like chronographs. Positioned between the balance wheel and the gears, the escapement is pivotal in maintaining a watch's precision. It not only produces the iconic "tick-tock" sound but also guarantees the steady movement of the watch's hands.

Like a pendulum in a clock, the balance wheel keeps track of time in a watch. Together with the escapement, it controls the rate at which the mainspring releases its stored energy in a periodic oscillation. And to guarantee precise timekeeping, the balance wheel oscillates regularly usually several times per second.

Exquisite Details:

The dials in our mechanical watches are a blend of artistry and precision. They often showcase textured finishes, captivating patterns and thoughtfully selected colour palettes. Although dials might seem extremely differently in bright sunshine compared to a dark place, we guarantee that the time is always legible.
As for the hands, they are made to do more than just tell time. Their shapes, often a mix of the classic and the contemporary, draw the eye, while features like luminescence ensure that they remain visible even in dim conditions.
Furthermore, our timepieces display multiple indicators, such as the date and battery life. These additions improve the watch's aesthetics and functionality, allowing wearers to see more details at a glance.
If you're looking for a dress watch that stands out, our newest additions to the CITIZEN Mechanical Collection are the perfect option. These men's watches are the epitome of style and precision—thanks to their Automatic movements, eye-catching dials and striking accents.

Design Aesthetics:

In our quest for excellence, we continuously push the boundaries of watchmaking. Our innovative approach is distinctly evident in the myriad styles we curate. From minimalist designs exuding subtle sophistication to intricate dials adorned with multiple complications, we ensure there's a CITIZEN timepiece for every individual's unique taste.

Elevate your monochromatic look with a vibrant touch, courtesy of our C7 series timepieces. Paying homage to the iconic Crystal Seven from 1965, this contemporary rendition exudes a sleek, modern charm. It boasts a refined stainless steel bracelet, a striking canary yellow dial, and an elegant 40mm silver stainless steel case. 

Heading to a gathering and eager to make a memorable first impression? Let your wrist do the talking with our Series 8 watch. While it retains the captivating octagonal case reminiscent of the 830 model, its design is elevated by a more understated monotone dial.

We also pride ourselves on our discerning choice of materials. While classic metals like stainless steel and gold are used, we are also leaders in incorporating cutting-edge materials and technology like Eco-Drive and Super Titanium. This innovative blend doesn't only promise unmatched durability but also offers a luxurious experience to the wearer.

Precision in Action:

Every mechanical watch goes through detailed testing and quality checks. Each watch is put through rigorous testing, including exposure to different temperatures and humidity levels, before it ever reaches the customer.

We at CITIZEN go a step further. After putting together a watch, tiny changes can sometimes occur, affecting its accuracy. To combat this, we've developed a technology to check and fix these changes even after assembly. This lets us achieve an impressive yearly accuracy of ±1 second.

Once all technical checks are done, our watch experts, including our top watchmaking Meisters, carefully inspect each watch's appearance. Every tiny detail is examined. Our aim is simple: to give the world durable, highly accurate watches. This exhaustive process reflects our core mission: to deliver timepieces to the world that not only stand the test of time but do so with unparalleled accuracy.

Collector's Appeal:

For collectors and enthusiasts, the allure of our mechanical watches lies in their impeccable blend of tradition, craftsmanship and innovation. Though each timepiece is an expression of our heritage of horological excellence, it is the special editions or exclusive releases that best demonstrate our commitment to designs and latest technology.

Dive into the distinctive quartet of models from the Series 8 collection, originally introduced in 2008, now reimagined and unveiled for a global audience. This refreshed mechanical timepiece merges sophisticated design with pragmatic features tailored for contemporary living.

Discover Timeless Innovation

At CITIZEN, we seamlessly combine tradition and innovation in every timepiece. So explore our exceptional range of mechanical watches today, and witness firsthand the harmony of age-old craftsmanship and modern innovation. Shop now.