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Promaster Watches

Promaster is backed up with at least 100 years of craftsmanship and advanced technologies, allowing it to withstand extreme environmental conditions and challenges while consistently providing the highest levels of functionality.

It debuted in 1989 and, decades later, continues to deliver timepieces beyond every adventurer's expectation. Its three lines,  Promaster Land,  Promaster Sky,  Promaster Marine, allow you to go deeper, go higher and go further in your adventures

Promaster Marine is a diver's watch suitable to use even within the ocean's deepest depths, while Promaster Land is a field watch for adventurers going into harsh and challenging environments. On the other hand, Promaster Sky is a pilot's watch for global players in need of aviation scale, world time functionality, and more.

Promaster watches come with different features that help in traversing various types of environments.

  • Water Resistance — each watch has a certain water resistance, with some safe to use while scuba diving, while others are for snorkelling & swimming.. 
  • Scratch Resistance — watches such as the  Promaster Sky BJ7135-02E comes with superior scratch-resistant sapphire glass, withstanding scratches from certain hard materials to protect the watch face.
  • Super Titanium Bracelets — specific Promaster watches, such as the  Promaster Marine NY0071-81E, have durable titanium bracelets. Titanium is 5 times harder than stainless steel yet 40% lighter, making the bands comfortable and resilient at the same time.

1/1000 Second Chronograph — easily look back at previous lap times, have analogue and digital displays, measure 1/1,000 second and more.

Go beyond the places you have been, the experiences you had and start an adventure of a lifetime with CITIZEN's Promaster line made for those who want to do more.


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