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Ladies Eco Drive Watches

Always stay on time—never change a battery. CITIZEN's Ladies' Eco-Drive Watch collection contains styles ranging from sleek and elegant to simple and modern-looking. All these stylish watches are equipped with Eco-Drive technology, making them timeless timepieces.

What is Eco-Drive Technology

Decades of technology, precision and care put into beautiful ladies watches. The world's first light-powered watch got to see the light of day in 1976. This paved the way for a more sustainable approach to powering watches, garnering acclaim worldwide because of its contribution to environmental protection.

  • Powered by Light — powered by either natural and artificial light, Eco-Drive watches do not require any battery replacement, charging or winding to maintain constant operation.
  • Easy to Charge Anywhere — as long as there is light, no matter how dim it is, it will power an Eco-Drive watch easily.
  • Operates even in the dark — an Eco-Drive timepiece has a power reserve that can stock up energy, giving it at least 6 months of life even in the dark.


Comes in Various Styles

CITIZEN's Eco-Drive Ladies Watch have different styles that are perfect for any woman. Choose from bracelet watches, Eco-Drive ladies watch with diamonds, dress watches, luxury watches,  watches with crystals and more and never worry about not being on time every day.

Dress watches are a popular design perfect for adorning women's wrists from day to night, removing the need to change accessories. Meanwhile,  watches with diamonds and crystals are pieces that exude sophistication and elegance.

Several watches also come with  Bluetooth connectivity, allowing the ladies to stay up to date with loved ones and work without looking at her smartphone all the time. For those with a more travel-heavy lifestyle,  watches with Eco-Drive and water resistance are a handy watch to have, especially with travels that include swimming and snorkeling. 

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