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Mens Super Titanium Watch

Five times harder and 40% lighter than stainless steel. CITIZEN's Men's Super Titanium™ watch is innovation strapped on your wrist. It features solid durability, rust resistance, lighter weight and is gentle to the skin. These watches also come with sleek, sophisticated designs that can easily cater to different lifestyles and hobbies.

When it comes to watches, CITIZEN continues to innovate in design, features and even materials used. Our Super Titanium™ watch collection for men is a product of half a century refinement of our technology—a representation of our commitment to provide people with the best. 

What makes CITIZEN Super Titanium™ top of the line:

Lightweight — compared to stainless steel, Super Titanium™ is around half of its weight. As a result, it's comfortable to wear on the wrist whether you're at work or play.

Scratch Resistant — noticing scratches on a newly bought or favourite watch is not a great experience. With solid titanium and our proprietary surface hardening technology called Duratect, we've reached a level of hardness that is five times harder than stainless steel. 

Hypoallergenic — Super Titanium™ is naturally hypoallergenic, and combining it with CITIZEN's Duratect protects your skin from potential nickel and metal allergies. 

Rust Resistant — Super Titanium™ has high resistance to corrosion from saltwater, allowing you to wear your watch without a worry in excursions, adventures and harsh conditions.

There are many watches to choose from in the Men's Super Titanium™ collection. First, some timepieces are part of thePromaster series with eco-drive technology and functionalities fit for adventures in the air, sea or land. Second, there are timepieces crafted for efficient practicality while maintaining performance and aesthetic appeal, giving you the perfect companion to bring along. Lastly, CITIZEN has gents watches with Super Titanium™ and Sapphire Crystal Glass, giving you a stylish wristwatch you can wear at social parties or work.

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