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Say your greetings precisely at midnight, whether for the new year or birthdays, with timepieces that automatically displays the correct time wherever you are.

CITIZEN has world-class watches with radio-controlled technology that automatically updates the time based on a time signal from an atomic clock with a margin of error of one second every 100,000 years. It receives signals from DCF77 Mainflingen Transmitter in Germany, JJY Otakadoyayama Transmitter in Fukushima Japan, JJY Haganeyama Transmitter in Kyushu, Japan, BPC Shangqui Transmitter in Henan, China and WWVB Fort Collins Transmitter in Colorado, USA.

The Evolution of Radio-Controlled Technology

In 1993, CITIZEN released the world's first multi-band radio-controlled watch with signal reception sensitivity but experienced interferences with the metal watchcase and other metal parts. As a pioneer in this technology, CITIZEN was able to combine design and radio-controlled technology without interfering with one another. Today, we offer watches combined with our other technologies to bring you innovative and world-class timepieces of exceptional quality and practicality.

Always the Right Time in Style

CITIZEN always combine aesthetics, sophistication and functionality in each timepiece.

We have watches with both radio-controlled and eco drive technology to always show you the right time. For frequent flyers and travellers in places with different timezones, enjoy the benefit of world time function for displaying time for up to 43 international cities. Other available functions in this collection include 12/24 hour time, chronograph, multi dial, split time, world time alarm, countdown timer, perpetual calendar and more.

PROMASTER and dress watches with radio-controlled technology that are resilient to the rigours of everyday wear. Both are equipped with durable glass, premium case materials, stylish bands and WR200/20Bar water resistance, making them ideal for swimming and snorkelling.

Adorn your wrists with CITIZEN watches no matter where you are. We always have the perfect watch you can use for travel, the office or a special event.

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