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Ladies Automatic Watches

These self-winding watches utilise kinetic energy generated from a metal weight called a “rotor” that spins whenever the wearer moves his or her wrists. Because of its impressive winding mechanism, an automatic watch also makes a practical option for your accurate timekeeping. 

They are products of meticulous craftsmanship too; pieces of art that will never go out of style, with designs that capture the definition of minimalism. Appreciate simplicity in a new light and find true beauty even in the basics by going for automatic watches in Australia. 

CITIZEN offers a collection of automatic watches fit for women who are into minimalist fashion. Each timepiece carries a fuss-free design with a graceful texture and touch of unsurpassed elegance. When worn, this piece gives off a purely sophisticated appeal with materials from stainless steel, sapphire crystal glasses and clean dial displays. These  silver ladies watches are not just your typical timekeeping devices but also demure accessories, giving you limitless opportunities to spice up your ensemble. 

This collection comes with acalibre 6651, 3-hand, day/date and a skeleton case back. The adventurous types will also benefit from getting an automatic watch for its water-resistant function, which is ideal for still water swimming. 

CITIZEN’s automatic timepieces have always been exceptional when it comes to designs, colours and features. Choose the automatic wristwatch that matches your mood, and make the basics more fun and exciting!