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Men's Chronograph Watch

Chronograph watch is a timepiece equipped with stopwatch which allows the wearer to measure intervals of time without affecting the standard function of the watch. Most of the chronograph can measure times up to 59 minutes, 59.95 seconds in units of 1/20 second.

Our chronograph watches also have innovative technology for them to continue operating even if years have passed. CITIZEN created the world's first light-powered analogue quartz watch in 1976 and named its technology theEco-Drive. A fully charged Eco-Drive chronograph watch can last months even when exposed in darkness or without regular battery replacement. 

Other watches in the collection are an extension of the Chronograph range, with timepieces featuring a range of functionalities pilots need and a thin bezel with a wide dial for better visibility and luminous markings. We also offer watches that come with water resistance. Some have WR100/10Bar that makes the watch perfect for swimming and snorkelling.

Choose from a selection of watches that come in various colours and sizes, such as gold, black, silver, rose gold or two tone.  

Watch sizes come in large (37-42 mm) or extra large (over 43 mm) size. The watches are made from Stainless Steel and come with either a stainless steel or leather strap, depending on the design.

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