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Introducing the CITIZEN 880 Mechanical with GMT Function: Elevate Your Timekeeping Experience

October 11, 2023 4 min read

Introducing the CITIZEN 880 Mechanical with GMT Function: Elevate Your Timekeeping Experience

In the world of horology, where precision meets artistry, CITIZEN Watch stands as a beacon of excellence. Our legacy, built on an unwavering commitment to craftsmanship and relentless innovation, has earned us a reputation that few can match. Today, we're elated to unveil a masterpiece that perfectly embodies our values: theCITIZEN 880 Mechanical models.

Imagine the subtle transition of Japanese seasons, the mesmerising play of colours and brilliance, all encapsulated on your wrist. At its core, our 880 Mechanical features a new GMT mechanical movement, precision engineering, a robust power reserve, and unmatched anti-magnetic resistance to everyday electronics.

Yet, what truly sets the 880 Mechanical apart is its artistic flair. It's a testament, not only to our technical prowess but to the strength, elegance, and unique identity of our cherishedCITIZEN 8 Series. Continue reading to discover the advanced features and captivating charm of these modern design watches:

Autumn-Inspired Design:

For those with an eye for timeless elegance, theNB6032-53P is a must-have addition to any watch collection. This limited-edition gold model beautifully encapsulates the magic of autumn with its varied shades of gold, reminiscent of leaves as they transition through the season.

TheNB6031-56E andNB6030-59L, meanwhile, are infused with a design reminiscent of the Tokyo night skyline, which is characterised by a plethora of skyscrapers with tall buildings and arrays of windows, perfectly embodying the appearance and feel of the bustling and energetic metropolis.

Variety of Models:

Our Japanese aesthetic watches collection introduces three distinct models: NB6031-53P, NB6031-56E, and NB6030-59L. All of them boast the newly-engineered mechanical movement Cal. 9054 with GMT functionality. However, it's the unique features and design elements that set each model apart.

For watch enthusiasts with a penchant for sporty aesthetics, the NB6030-59L is a standout choice. Beyond its precision engineering and remarkable accuracy, this GMT Function watch is tailored for the contemporary lifestyle. Its blue chequered dial pattern symbolises prosperity, and the design draws inspiration from popular Tokyo architecture, especially window designs.

The NB6031-56E is a stellar addition to any luxury mechanical watch collection. Serving as a counterpart to the NB6030-59L, it showcases a black original chequered dial pattern. Ideal for those seeking variety or aiming to elevate their ensemble for a black-tie event.

If you're seeking a timepiece that captivates attention the moment you step into a room, the NB6032-53P is your perfect match. Ideal for ladies attending evening soirées or formal gatherings, it pairs seamlessly with a cocktail dress or a chic, formal suit. This watch boasts a two-tone yellow gold and warm gold case, complemented by a matching bracelet, evoking the hues of autumn leaves. Distinct from the first two models, this variant boasts a unique and iconic dial pattern that glistens golden, particularly when illuminated by the fading light of a setting sun.

GMT Functionality:

For individuals with active lifestyles, particularly those who frequently travel or engage in global businesses, tracking time across various zones becomes paramount.

The GMT hand, which operates independently of the standard hour hand, enables wearers to effortlessly set and monitor a second time zone. Moreover, the inclusion of a bi-directional rotating bezel adds another layer of versatility, allowing for the tracking of a third time zone.

Thus, with a single glance, wearers of the 880 Mechanical watches can seamlessly juggle time-sensitive tasks, meetings, or personal connections across three different parts of the world. Its combination of high-precision engineering with user-friendly features makes it a useful asset for the modern, always-on-the-go professional.

Transparent Case & Two-Piece Centre Case:

Central to its design is the unique two-piece centre case structure, which not only provides depth but also accentuates the three-dimensional beauty of each timepiece.

This distinctive feature complements the four-body structured case design, further enhanced by an autumn-themed bi-rotational bezel. Whether one is drawn to the opulent allure of the NB6032-53P or the athletic elegance of the NB6031-56E and NB6030-59L, all three models offer a glimpse into the intricate mechanics via a see-through case back, underscoring the precision, identity, and elegance inherent to the Series 8 collection.

Additionally, this GMT collection is easily distinguished by its tapering stainless steel bracelet, which features a rough hairline finish on a flat surface. The choice of a 41mm case size in the design is not merely for show; it is intended to ensure a snug, comfortable fit.

Magnetic Resistance:

In our digital world, where electronics are all around us all the time, magnetic interference can easily make timekeeping tools, especially watches, less accurate.

This new range, powered by the cutting-edge Cal. 9054 mechanical movement with GMT functionality, stands out by offering both high-accuracy and robust magnetic resistance. It has been meticulously designed to maintain its timekeeping precision even when exposed to magnetic forces from everyday electronic devices as close as 1cm. This ensures that the watch remains unaffected and continues to deliver unparalleled accuracy despite our reliance on and proximity to digital devices.

High Specifications:

These watches come with a handy 50-hour power reserve, so you won't have to wind them up too often, even if you don't wear them every day. With our dedication to top-notch watchmaking, you can trust they'll keep time really well, staying within a tiny -10 to +20 seconds range per day.

Overall, the 880 Mechanical models shine as they effortlessly merge elegant aesthetics with dependable accuracy. It's all about offering you the ideal balance of style and precision.

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