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Attesa Technology


Exploring new possibilities since 1976

CITIZEN created the world's first light-powered analogue quartz watch in 1976.
Named for its eco-friendly origins, Eco-Drive technology converts any kind of light into
energy to power a watch and stores the surplus on a power cell.

As a light-power pioneer, we continue exploring new possibilities.

Powered By Light
In a first for a watchmaker, Eco-Drive products obtained Eco Mark certification, a label managed by the Japan Environment Association (JEA), in recognition of their contribution to environmental sustainability in 1996.

Eco-Drive went on to be awarded a Gold Prize at the JEA's Eco Mark Awards 2014, a first in the watch business.
Eliminate the need for regular battery replacement
Eco-Drive is a light-powered technology that drives watches by capturing light and converting it into energy using an inbuilt solar cell.

Runs even in dim light
Designed to charge from ordinary everyday light sources like indoor fluorescent lighting and desk lights.

*To get the most out of your watch, set aside about five or six hours per month to charge it in sunlight.

Runs for over six months even in darkness
A single full charge is enough to keep Eco-Drive working for over six months in total darkness.

*Some models equipped with power save function can run for as long as seven years.

*Eco-Drive, which does not emit unnecessary batteries, is the first watch to be certified as an Eco Mark product (environmentally friendly product) by the Japan Environmental Association as a product that protects the global environment.
In addition to eliminating the need for periodic battery replacement, careful consideration has been given to environmental issues, such as completely eliminating the use of CFCs during production.
(Ecomark certification number 06 134 011)

Super Titanium™

Strong. Beautiful. Comfortable.

In 1970, CITIZEN unveiled the world's first titanium watch.
From there, we went on to develop Super Titanium™. Successfully done
by processing solid titanium and applying Duratect,
our proprietarysurface-hardening technology, a material
five times harder than stainless-steel.
Exploring new ways for comfort
The lighter, the better
Super Titanium™ is around half the weight of stainless steel, making it very comfortable on the wrist. Whether you're working, doing the housework or just having fun, its lightness will make life that much easier.

*Super Titanium™ is 40% lighter than stainless steel.

Wear with confidence
In the case of Super Titanium™, application of CITIZEN's surface-hardening technology Duratect solves this problem and guards against nickel and metal allergies. That's good news for people with allergies

*Some models are not metal- or nickel-allergy resistant. Consult the collections for specific model details.

Open to activity
Super Titanium™ is highly resistant to corrosion from salt water. Thanks to its rust-resistance, you can keep your watch on in all sorts of situations, confident that it will keep its brilliant finish.

* The pins used in the band may tarnish. CITIZEN recommends regular cleaning.

Titanium-processing technologies
"Super Titanium™" uses only carefully selected custom-made titanium materials. Titanium is a soft material that is difficult to process compared to other metals. At Citizen, we use our unique processing technology that we have cultivated over many years to achieve a beautiful finish through processing, cutting, and polishing.
Solid titanium is an active metal which reacts easily with oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, etc. That makes it difficult to press into shape because it is prone to galling in the mold. (Galling is a form of wear caused by adhesion between sliding surfaces.) At CITIZEN, we apply a very high level of heat to the titanium. This reduces its deformation resistance and makes it possible to press it into a variety of shapes.
Because of its quick reaction to the oxygen in the atmosphere, when solid titanium is being cut, the filings tend to adhere to the cutting edges of the tool. The resulting friction wears out drills and makes stabilizing the bore diameter very difficult. At CITIZEN, we tested a wide range of cutting cooling oil, lubricants and cutting speeds. Once we found the optimum combination of the three, we were able to process the titanium in a stable fashion.
One characteristic of titanium is that, while the outer part (where the crystallites interlock) is hard, the central part is soft. If you were to polish titanium in the normal way, only the central part would be shaved away producing a so-called "orange peel" effect. This is why achieving a beautiful and flat mirror finish was so difficult. The combination of these processes enables us to achieve a beautiful mirror finish.

DURATECT: Surface Hardening Technology
Duratect, Citizen's original surface hardening technology, applies a special hardening treatment to the surface of titanium, which has been beautifully processed by pressing, cutting, and polishing, to give it hardness and beauty. Duratect is performed by our own equipment after a careful cleaning process using several types of cleaning solutions. There are three types: "technology to coat the material", "technology to harden the surface of the material itself", and "technology to combine both".

Satellite Wave GPS

Precise timekeeping. Anywhere. Any time.

Satellite Wave GPS, a unique CITIZEN technology, receives position data and
a time signal from orbiting GPS satellites to automatically update your watch to
the correct date and time. Incorporating CITIZEN's Eco-Drive light-powered technology,
the Satellite Wave GPS provides you with the precise time, wherever you are in the world,
as long there is open sky above you.
The ideal way to travel
Full coverage
Super Titanium™ is around half the weight of stainless steel, making it very comfortable on the wrist. Whether you're working, doing the housework or just having fun, its lightness will make life that much easier CITIZEN Satellite Wave GPS* has coverage in 38 of the world's time zones.* It receives position data and a time signal from GPS satellites orbiting the Earth at an altitude of 20,000km to display the correct time for your precise location, wherever you are. Out in the desert, on a snowy mountain top, or out at sea, you can get the correct current time for that specific location.

* GPS is an acronym for Global Positioning System
* Time zone coverage varies by model.

Precise time, wherever you are
Imagine driving across a continent like Australia or the United States where you must cross multiple time zones. Wherever you go, Satellite Wave GPS* syncs to GPS satellites to acquire position data and a time signal at the simple push of a button. Using this data to work out which time zone you are in, it sets your watch to the correct time for where you are at that moment. Pass through multiple time zones in confidence that your watch is displaying the correct local time.

* GPS is an acronym for Global Positioning System
* Getting position data requires a minimum of 30 seconds. Switching to daylight saving time must be done by hand.

Experience accuracy. Any time.
All CITIZEN Satellite Wave GPS* models tell the time with a high level of accuracy of ±5 seconds per month. They express CITIZEN's desire to provide the precise time with no need for adjustment. In fact, CITIZEN was the first watch company in the world to achieve time signal reception as fast as 3 seconds.* We made it possible to reset the time whenever you want; all you need is open sky overhead.

* GPS is an acronym for Global Positioning Systems.
* In 2015, CITIZEN was first in the world to achieve a reception time as fast as three seconds for a light-powered GPS satellite watch.


Precision at its finest.

In 1993, CITIZEN released the world's first multi-band radio-controlled watch.
Capturing time signals from atomic clocks accurate to 1 second every 100,000 years,
Radio-Controlled auto-corrects the time and calendar. Combining CITIZEN's
light-powered Eco-Drive technology, the result is ultraprecise timekeeping
with no need to replace batteries or adjust the time.
Margin of error: Astounding.
The atomic clocks from which Radio-Controlled watches receive their time signals are accurate to an astonishing margin of one second every 100,000 years. By synchronizing with the most accurate time source in existence, your watch will always tell you the precise time. Any time.

The right time. Everyday.
Eliminate the hassle of frequently adjusting your watch. Radio-Controlled does away with all that anxiety and fuss. In the middle of the night when the noise from smartphones is at a minimum, it automatically synchronizes to the correct time. Radio-Controlled technology lets your watch fine-tune itself every day of the week so that you don't need to worry about resetting it anymore. Ever.

Time signal reception technology

Radio-controlled technology automatically corrects the time and calendar by receiving standard radio waves transmitted based on an "atomic clock" that has an accuracy of 1 second in 100,000 years.

*Applies to models that support global multi-station reception.
* The figure is a guideline for the reception range.
* The map representation and the circle indicating the transmission range of the standard radio wave are an image, and do not guarantee the radio wave reception range.
* The receivable range varies depending on the model.
* Radio waves may not be received accurately in places where radio noise is likely to occur or in environmental conditions where radio waves are difficult to reach.
* Depending on the country or region, the time difference and city names may change.

Perfex Multi 3000

It is a high-sensitivity radio wave reception system that supports 4 areas around the world, equipped with "Perfex" technology for clocks that do not shift. As a radio clock with a full metal exterior, it receives standard radio waves with high sensitivity in Japan, the United States, China and Europe. Especially in the United States, it is possible to receive signals within a radius of about 3,000 km from a transmitting station in Colorado. Combined with Perfetex, this is Citizen's original technology that further pursues the accuracy of a radio-controlled watch.

The three functions for precise timekeeping

CITIZEN has developed a proprietary technology that makes precise timekeeping possible by combining three functions: an antimagnetic function, an impact detection function and an automatic hand correction function.

*Please note that the radio-controlled functionality will not work in Australia due to the absence of radio transmitting stations within range. These stations are exclusive to four regions: Europe, USA, China and Japan. However, this does not affect manual time adjustment. Please refer to your instruction manual for guidance.
Receives signals in 4 geographic regions*

Radio-Controlled through the years

"Precise time" is an eternal theme.
In 1989, Citizen began developing a watch that displayed the correct time using radio-wave reception, aiming for the eternal theme of watch manufacturers, "precise time".

This development was a challenge for Citizen from scratch, and there were many technical issues. Without equipment for development, we installed an antenna by the window, checked the reception status of radio waves, and started by manufacturing measuring instruments in-house to evaluate reception performance. We worked on original development of IC for reception and miniaturization of antenna.
After overcoming various challenges, Citizen created the world's first multi-station radio-controlled watch. Since the antenna, which affects the reception sensitivity, is easily affected by the metal case and metal parts, we took the opposite approach and put the function of "receiving radio waves and moving" to the front, placing the antenna in the center of the dial. design was adopted.

Citizen developed the world's first radio-controlled watch equipped with a light-powered Eco-Drive.
The antenna is placed on the side of the case on the 9 o'clock side to improve reception performance and design. In addition, automatic reception of time information and photovoltaic power generation have eliminated the hassle of time adjustment and periodic battery replacement.

The radio-controlled watch developed into a design that did not look like a radio-controlled watch. After a model with a built-in antenna in a resin case on the body side, in 2001 we developed a model with a built-in ceramic exterior antenna and a model with eco-drive for power saving. In 2003, the development of the world's first full-metal-case radio-controlled watch, which was thought to be impossible at the time, was achieved in 2003, thanks to a significant increase in reception sensitivity achieved by improving the antenna and receiving circuit.

Commitment to Innovation

Since the announcement of the full metal case radio clock in 2003, "radio clock" has been one of Citizen's core technologies, aiming to be even smaller, thinner, beautiful, and installed in a wide range of models.